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Re: [tor-talk] tor v0.2.5.x hits 'stable' repos / ControlPort auth behaviour change?

On 10/23/2014 10:44 PM, Nusenu wrote:
> I use vidalia to connect to a system tor (via HashedControlPassword
> authentication).
> Regarding the control port I had the following two lines in my torrc:
> ControlPort 9051
> HashedControlPassword xxxxxxxxx
> after the upgrade to tor vidalia was unable to connect and
> complained that tor asked for the authentication cookie - even though I
> did not set CookieAuthentication. Only after explicitly setting
> CookieAuthentication to 0 (which is the default anyway) vidalia was able
> to connect using the password auth again.
> Can anyone confirm this?

The 0.2.5.x rpm package switched over to defaults-torrc for default settings
(instead of having them hardcoded on command line). CookieAuthentication was
turned on in package in the defaults-torrc, apparently setting
HashedControlPassword in torrc did not override CookieAuthentication from

It's fixed now in rpm package that's just been uploaded into the repo.
CookieAuthenthication is back to default. Thanks for catching that.

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