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Re: [tor-talk] Secure hosting

On 10/26/2014 01:21 PM, Johnny Cash wrote:
> I'm setting up a blog and I need a secure hosting service.
> First, I signed up with HostGator, but received an email telling me I
> needed to call and confirm my account. When I did, they told me my
> application was rejected, because they refuse registrations made over the
> TOR network, due to abuse (to be fair, other proxies too).
> Second, I tried SiteGround, but their live chat requires a plugin, which
> could reveal my location.
> Since the Snowden documents revealed government complicity, I won't use
> GoDaddy, because of their relationship with Microsoft products.
> Last, I'm looking at host, A Small Orange, but they're based in Texas (like
> HostGator), and that entire state makes me hear the theme music from the
> Empire play in my head: dum, dum, duh, dum. ::chills::
> Can anyone recommend a good hosting site for a WordPress blog?

What about having some small device [at home] running some wordpress
instance and a Tor Hidden Service? This means:
- no way to know who's behind the content unless you let traces (like
- you "own" the hardware, you can put it wherever you want
- thus you know who's accessing the device (physically I mean).

Downside: users must use Tor in order to access it, or any tor2web
gateway that aren't pwned by some gvt instance, if any.


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