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Re: [tor-talk] Bitcoin over Tor isnât a good idea (Alex Biryukov / Ivan Pustogarov story)

> How it affect innocent bitcoin users with tainted bitcoins? Bitcoins
> come back to user' wallets?

Do not worry about "tained coins" or likely-US-government-agent Mike
Hearn (who I, just for the record, view as a total doucebag).

All Bitcoins are equal or BTC is a worthless currency. Imagine going
into a store with a $1000 bill and being told that you can not pay with
it because someone used it to snort cocaine at some point (90% of those
in circulation really do have traces of cocaine on them). Would you
trust the USD, accept it or use it after such an experience?

If those "tained coins" coins advocates get that idiotic idea into
Bitcoin when you'll see BTC at $0.01 within days and some altcoin will
take it's place.

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