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[tor-talk] Making TBB undetectable!


behnaz Shirazi:
a Tor user who temporarily use a natural
fingerprint to become undetectable for a while won't deanonymize
itself nor the rest of other Tor users who use a detectable version of
TBB because when a natural fingerprint is used once then there will be
no enough information available for data miners to link pseudonyms for

Is a 'Natural Fingerprint' like a clearnet fingerprint, in that it identifies you as a regular, non-tor, internet user, making you part of the larger herd?

and for sure Tor users who need undetectability won't
use the undetectablizer Add-on all the time hence detectable TBB users
won't become unique.

I see this as a blocker, as this add-on is most likely detectable, yeah? If not, how, in the same, less, or maybe a bit more, amount of resources do you feel this could be accomplished? Manually, this becomes quite the task as time progresses. Is this something that would be added to a mail [something], like OpenPGP or TorBirdy are, because I feel like this would be detectable somehow, too.

Ben Tasker:
Used once, sure. But over time, it's likely going to get used more than

This seems to be part of the design, as one-of-a-kind fingerprints, through Tor exits or not, are detectable, though probably not identifiable.

unless you're planning on inserting some sort of randomisation to try
and prevent that (by making some aspect different each session),

Randomization, or some one click equivalent, is the only real option here when usability is considered; the manual effort each session is undesirable at the very least :)

using "UnidentifiableMode"

'UnidentifiableMode' sounds like a good working name for such a feature.

Making something "Undetectable"
is very, very hard as your margin for error is 0 (because 0.01 gives
something that someone could use to make it identifiable). Making something
common so you can blend into the crowd makes it easier to avoid
(potentially) costly mistakes.

Making people blend into the crowd of regular internet users is best but only if we resolve the traffic source; i.e., Tor exits.

Blending into the crowd is not without it's value.

But surely some of these fingerprints will be shared by real users. So, it seems like a reasonable request, should we resolve the usability and *traffic issues.


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