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[tor-talk] New methods / research to detect add-ons?


Eh, I'd hesitate to say "us". I'm _not_ advocating for using add-ons
in TBB, I'm just looking for ways to quantify the damage to anonymity.

My "that's us" is in response to the "imaginative fringe cases" statement, as that is how the network came into existence, with "us" being the community at large :)

I've also got to strongly disagree here... if you're looking for
anonymity and privacy, the "herd" is strong protection against that
because trackers cannot single you out from the thousands of other

Tor traffic is discriminated against because it can be identified as Tor traffic. Blending in with the larger herd (as unique individuals) seems ideal, though the resources to accomplish this seem out of scale with the resulting experience, at least for now.

Again, I can't reiterate enough... I'm not advocating for using
add-ons as some have

Understood :) Though the argument isn't pro add-ons, it is con detectability. My apologies for sidetracking your inquiry.


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