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Re: [tor-talk] Accessing Cloudflare sites on TBB

Quoting Virgil Griffith (2015-10-03 14:14:25)
> > I would add to the list, that offering read-only access would be nice.
> > So just delivering the cached content instead of the captcha, would be a
> > very easy solution in that direction.
> I like that one.
> Just to be concrete, the idea is that if the URL is already cached, to spit
> out the cached version.  But if a cached version does not exist, cached
> version exists, to spit it out, but if a cached copy does not already
> exist, to return the captcha?

Exactly. In case no cached version existed one could think of more
elaborate rules to reduce captcha usage even more, as for example
(although I'm not very well versed in HTTP) GET requests which have
no variables involved should work fine as well.

I don't know other people's browsing behaviour, but for me being able to
read the cached content would have sufficed in 100% of cases.


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