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[tor-talk] Accessing Cloudflare sites on TBB


I don't know other people's browsing behaviour, but for me being able to
read the cached content would have sufficed in 100% of cases.

Yes. Text and image cache for me. Google makes it hard to get their cache content, it would be great if the other middleman made it easy :)

They suck (time and energy).  They seem to only come in robot
discrimination form.

This will never be solved, since tors main property is to hide
the origin of requests, it provides more benefits to an possible
adversary from the view/perspective of a site operator or cloudflare.

True, if this read: "This will never be solved by patching Tor", as it is the discriminators who must stop discriminating that will really change things.

So regular users are forced to deliver human interaction proof,
or stop using tor. Another option is using alternative sites.

"Regular" users, as a concept, might be part of the problem. "Regular" users are what drive the existence of the very service providers that seek such protection; they should not receive hierarchical priority over those they *serve*.

However, support for a more horizontal structure would be appropriate.

With ~1000 exits it is possible to issue malicious requests from
all exits within 15-30 minutes with no effort at all.

What is malicious? Searching for 'A Pup Named Scooby-Doo' gets blocked the same as potential phishing when the approach is a badlist.


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