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[tor-talk] Potential uses for the Tor network

 My name s Bryan Gwin (I have my masters in computer science) and I have a
quick question. Is it possible for someone to design some software that can
utilize the Tor network (i.e. software that will allow users to communicate
with each other through the Tor Network allowing for private
conversations). Is there only one browser that can get a list of
participating computers and route data through them? I am not creating chat
software (I have something else in mind but the details are irrelevant). If
the project is somewhat open source, then could something like chat
software be made where If one person downloads the chat software and
another person downloads the same software, the first person would be able
to use the software to communicate with the other person's software through
the Tor network. Yes or no? If yes, generally how would that work (meaning
how could the software use the network in a very broad sense).

Thanks so much! I love the Tor idea and it is quite fascinating.

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