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[tor-talk] tor + CryptoCoin = TorCoin

I have some ideas to improve tor project and I'm not sure that I'm writing in right place. I'm operating a tor exit node for a long time, and I use tor not only on computer but even on my phone. Since I first installed tor browser I feel great improvements in tor network's speed, but exiting in the external sites takes some time because lack of exit nodes. Yeah, I know that it is a problem to operate an exit node. I often receive abuses and spam problems, besides some services doesn't work at all. But today I was thinking about bitcoins and realized that this crypto-coin uses computer power to calculate some hash, the same type of calculation that exit node proceed with every package, but more complicated. May be tor project can use this calculation and power not only for asking people to do so, but to make money on their exit nodes. I suggest to create a new type of crypto-coin as TorCoin and give every exit node an digital account to store those coins. For every tcp session or pack
 age decryption exit node will receive a reward that can be used to buy smth in internal tor's network or even on external one. I think that while digital decentralized payment method is still making their own way into our everyday life, this is great opportunity for tor project to become not only a anonymous way of communication but something more, that will bring more exit nodes to this network and increase speed. And this will make people who operates exit node not to work as enthusiasts but to do it with all the responsibility as it is their main job.
Thanks for your time, this is general concept, I can develop further with technical details if you think that this is good idea and we have to spent more time on it. 
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