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Re: [tor-talk] Super speed Tor

I sometimes get ~1MByte/s on exit nodes, which is enough to stream
youtube in 720p. If you parallelize multiple TCP connections you easily
get ~2MByte/s to a hidden service.

Whole speed = min(your ISP, every relay in circuit, exit node/hidden
Also the latency has a huge influence on the speed of short lived TCP
connections. If you download a 10GB movie, TCP will eventually adjust
for maximum possible speed, but if you download many 1MB pictures
without pipelining (like HTTP/2 does), it will be slow as hell if you
have high latency in the circuit. Latency is randomly determined by
where on the globe your relays are located.

Marcos Eugenio Kehl wrote:
> Hello cripto experts!
> 1. When we will have a super speed Tor? I mean, a HD video streaming from a hidden service.
>     When we have around 10 million relays + 10 millions exit nodes? Or Tor will aways be slow as a lame turtle, due to its low latency design and privacy concerns?
> 2. Is the bandwith my ISP provides me (it is 2 MB), the bandwith of the the middle nodes, or the bandwith of the exit node, that determines my speed under the deep web? Or a combination of all above?
> 3. Do we have some projection for the Tor speed over the next years?
> Cheers!
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