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Re: [tor-talk] Super speed Tor

On Tue, 13 Oct 2015 17:38:16 +0000
Marcos Eugenio Kehl <marcoskehl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If you live in a dense US city, chances are you are within range of
several seperate public or freeish wifis. In which case you could
connect to two or three simulataneously through a multiple radio OpenWRT
capable router. Several of the newer Asus routers have multiple radios
with strong range. There is a package in the OpenWRT repos that is
designed to bridge and load balance multiple connections. Increase
your speed by piggybacking off something like the, say, xfinitywifi's
that have become commonplace. 

That will increase your network potential, but the rest of the network
is likely the bottleneck. One suggestion would be to run your own high
speed private bridge. And why not make it obfuscated while you're at
it, thereby increasing your anonymity significantly in the process.

On the flip side, using bridges located where most of the relays are is
also a good strategy for increasing speed. And if you look at a map of
connections made and relay locations, you'll notice a large percentage
are in Germany and France. Choose a obfs bridge in that region (one
with fast speed by double checking on Atlas or Globe), and you'll
notice faster speeds as well. 

As with so many things in the universe, it boils down to a trifecta
of decision:

	     C H O O S E  T W O

However, our desires to watch "HD" movies pale in comparison to the
needs of those brave enough to speak out against injustices throughout
the world. When we become captives in our own homes, Tor can provide us
the hole in the wall with which to pass messages along to our fellow
freedom fighters. If 3D filmed high def brain numbing entertainment is
the opium for the masses, then let Tor be the refreshing sobering cup
of joe that will let us see straight again. Let's make projections for
the lives Tor will save over the next 2,3,5,10 years, not how fast
meta-data sucking You-Tube channels load. 

Or, you know, just use a VPN for your media stuff and then use a Tor
for your web browsing/reading. K laterz


> Hello cripto experts!
> 1. When we will have a super speed Tor? I mean, a HD video streaming
> from a hidden service. When we have around 10 million relays + 10
> millions exit nodes? Or Tor will aways be slow as a lame turtle, due
> to its low latency design and privacy concerns?
> 2. Is the bandwith my ISP provides me (it is 2 MB), the bandwith of
> the the middle nodes, or the bandwith of the exit node, that
> determines my speed under the deep web? Or a combination of all above?
> 3. Do we have some projection for the Tor speed over the next years?
> Cheers!

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