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Re: [tor-talk] Diaspora, Status.net and the rest Re: A little more hostility towards Tor from Twitter

On 10/31/15, Lara <lara.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... only two
> or three servers have .onion addresses. Both services (or pods) I have
> tested use plain http for the .onion address. Anyway, it is quite
> pointless, because once you are in you get a bunch of connections in the
> regular Internet, including the main server which should have been
> mirrored on the .onion address.


don't worry, it's not just you. i can't stand half measures!

(3/4 measures, with a plan to 4/4 are ok, though...)

> At first I had the vague impression that diaspora is an idiot magnet.
> Few activity and the regular conspiracy nut slash armchair social
> supported anarchist crowd. Maybe it is just a matter of taste.

> that was the only plus: no harrassment.

i enjoy a silent room to myself for a quiet read, too. sometimes.
[ reading alone in silence is not quite a social activity, however. ]

> Later I have told myself that is because of the number of users. Users
> who are on twitter slash facebook anyway and seem to need the mirroring
> functions. And the few posts that are not about programming or the
> revolution set up to start yesterday are like 3-4 months apart.

half measures are fatal.

> Actually at the time, 2015, there are only two alternatives: mainstream
> or not. The mainstream is where the people are. Meaning Facebook or
> Twitter. Facebook is a walled garder. Meaning you are either in or out.
> With twitter, just checking the user's page from time to time is enough

these two dominant modes boil down to one "anonymous" and one not.
where pseudonyms are now equivalent to TOTAL ANONYMITY in popular
headspace... for shame!

> Not mainstream means wasting far more time than with the above and
> meeting the same thousand nutcases who have opened at least one account
> on every service.
> ...
> So call it a capitalist white conspiracy because the users have NO choice.

i dream of a space where the outcasts suddenly congregate in privacy
and comfort.

will they come, if it can be built?

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