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[tor-talk] Diaspora, Status.net and the rest Re: A little more hostility towards Tor from Twitter

> may I cease the occasion to invite everyone to Diaspora* once again?
> It's totally Tor-friendly and basically uncensorable.

I wonder at which point making the same advertisment turns into spam.

> A bunch of servers/pods (because the list https://podupti.me is behind
> CloudFlare (I admit, I am a bit embarassed...)):

I wanted to experience "the freedom" a couple of months ago. So I went
ahead and made a few accounts, long deleted. If I recall well, only two
or three servers have .onion addresses. Both services (or pods) I have
tested use plain http for the .onion address. Anyway, it is quite
pointless, because once you are in you get a bunch of connections in the
regular Internet, including the main server which should have been
mirrored on the .onion address.

At first I had the vague impression that diaspora is an idiot magnet.
Few activity and the regular conspiracy nut slash armchair social
supported anarchist crowd. Maybe it is just a matter of taste. I have no
idea if nobody cared about me because I identified as male. But anyway,
that was the only plus: no harrassment.

Later I have told myself that is because of the number of users. Users
who are on twitter slash facebook anyway and seem to need the mirroring
functions. And the few posts that are not about programming or the
revolution set up to start yesterday are like 3-4 months apart.

I would have ignored the thread. Usually I filter out this kind of
whining. And than:

Roman Mamedov:
> Speaking of Twitter alternatives, I find GNU social can be made into a
> nice one. Example: https://quitter.se/

Actually at the time, 2015, there are only two alternatives: mainstream
or not. The mainstream is where the people are. Meaning Facebook or
Twitter. Facebook is a walled garder. Meaning you are either in or out.
With twitter, just checking the user's page from time to time is enough
to keep you updated without bothering without wasting time jumping
through the twitter's flaming hoops of identificating over and over again.

Not mainstream means wasting far more time than with the above and
meeting the same thousand nutcases who have opened at least one account
on every service.


A nice promise. The promise was all users have got. And it was a good
sale. Over $200k[1]! It is sooo decentralised you can't even migrate an
account from one server to another. At least it is working. But the team
deserted and it working on the next moneymaking promise.


It was supposed to be the twitter killer. Twitter without limits. Only
that the twitter guys set the drastic limits and still failed a few
times. Only a fraction of the twitter trafic with the twitter
restrictions in place would most probably kill the status.net. But
status.net is already dead. The sole developer has moved to make the
facebook killer. Cute.


The facebook killer. Or at least that was the promise. Not very well
polished. But one is reminded of the sole main developer and limited

Probably there are more born dead projects. All with the same thousand
of users.

One has to love the double standard: facebook wouldn't be here based on
one developer. Yet counting the names involved with the necropolis of
disfunctional social webs, the developers I far fewer than the preacher
and prophets against the scarry mainstream in which they can't seem to
fit anyway. So it probably makes sense to get on kickstart and sell the
GPLed Pinterest.

And the wheel is turning. Less than a generation again Miguel de Icaza
was runing the same scam. Give the penultimate Windows experience. That
is their trade. I respect that. My issue is with the masses. How can an
Outlook 95 clone, written in the days of Outlook 97 become better and
more original than an OS X?

Take Yahoo Messenger. It started as a lame ICQ clone. In 2005 there was
voice support. By 2009 there was webcam support. The so called free
world kept feeling good about SIP. Instantbird/Tor Messenger still does
not support audio and video.

So call it a capitalist white conspiracy because the users have NO choice.


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