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Re: [tor-talk] A little more hostility towards Tor from Twitter

Jonathan Wilkes:
> Anyone know how Snowden posts to Twitter?  Does he use Tor?
> If someone could convince him and/or other celebrities to complain that 
> Twitter is denying them location anonymity, then that might make a difference.
> There's some leverage here, too, because, "even Facebook let's you use 
> Tor if you wanna. #gimmesomeprivacy".  I bet it wouldn't take that many 
> tweets before they provide an onion addy of their own.
> -Jonathan

to twitter's credit, they have been responsive, if slowly. i've been
locked out multiple times due to nothing more than using tor. but, it's
now been awhile since that happened. so, it appears they are working on
tweaking their security mechanisms to account for tor. if you are
dealing with issues, submit a ticket to support. if you receive no
feedback, they may have blackmailed your email provider, or your email
provider is fubar, which is something i dealt with at one point months ago.

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