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Re: [tor-talk] TB 5.0.3 for OpenBSD released

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 02:12:23PM -0600, attila wrote:
> The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP) is proud to announce the release of
> Tor Browser (TB) version 5.0.3 for OpenBSD.

Awesome! Thanks for continuing to work on this.

Also, great job on the relay advocacy side too.

And for those following along at home, what they've done here is actually
a system-wide install for Tor Browser, so then when a user runs it,
she gets a local copy of the state that Tor Browser generates. This
is actually one of the directions that we want to explore for the Debian
package as well -- putting the core pieces into /usr/something, and
then when the user runs it, it copies over whatever it needs into the
user's home directory, and on subsequent runs it sees if a new version
has appeared and updates its local files as needed.

> TDP is seeking funding to continue and extend its efforts. Please
> contact us if interested in assisting TDP, allowing us to dedicate
> more time to the project.

Yes please! I encourage interested people to follow up with them.


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