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[tor-talk] TB 5.0.3 for OpenBSD released

The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP) is proud to announce the release of
Tor Browser (TB) version 5.0.3 for OpenBSD.

TDP (https://torbsd.github.io) is an effort to extend the use of the
BSD Unixes into the Tor ecosystem, from the desktop to the network.

The 5.0.3 release is the sixth release of the Tor Browser from TDP.

To install TB for OpenBSD, please see
if you are running OpenBSD -current on amd64.

TDP is focused on diversifying the Tor network, with TB being the
flagship project. Additional efforts are made to increase the number of
*BSD relays on the Tor ntwork.

Since its launch in March 2015, TDP has made significant contributions.
In addition to the TB releases, both BSDCan and BSDCon Brasil featured
TDP-focused meetings.

In early October, the TDP focused presentation
(http://www.queair.net/br-pres) prompted a significant increase in Tor
relays in Brazil. Before the presentation, there were around 22 Tor
relays, all of which were Linux in addition to two Windows nodes.

In the weeks after the presentation, several new *BSD Tor relays
appeared, accounting for up to 35% of bandwidth provided by new Tor
relays in Brazil.

Finally, TDP is working to convince BSD-using businesses to follow
Mozilla's December 2014 example to run Tor relays. At this point, New
York Internet has commited to running two high-bandwidth relays, one
FreeBSD and the other OpenBSD, at its facility in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

TDP's source code repository resides at http://github.com/torbsd.
If you want to build the ports from source under OpenBSD-current
the current tarball is available at http://bits.haqistan.net/~attila/tbb.tgz
Feel free to bug me if you need help (contact infos on my home page:

TDP is seeking funding to continue and extend its efforts. Please
contact us if interested in assisting TDP, allowing us to dedicate
more time to the project.

Pax, -A
http://trac.haqistan.net | attila@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 0xE6CC1EDB
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