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Re: [tor-talk] TB 5.0.3 for OpenBSD released

Daniel Jakots <vigdis+tor@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Fri, 30 Oct 2015 15:25:35 -0400, George <george@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On that note, we are updating the 5.0.3 packages, as there have been
>> some significant amd64 changes, and the current 5.0.3 TB doesn't run
>> on it.
> Yup, a library got bumped. I rebuilt it for my own need but I can share
> it: https://poolp.org/~vigdis/tbb/

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do that.  Good to have other
people building this.

We have also updated the packages for testing:

In short: the devel/nspr port was updated but the package available on
at least some mirrors was lagging behind a bit...  will probably shake
out in a few hours, but for now we put the nspr-4.10.10 package we
built there from the updated port and with this tor-browser works
again on amd64-current.

The updated packages also have better dependencies (again thanks to
Daniel Jakots for pointing out the issue).  Now you only have to
pkg_add tor-browser to bring along the browser extension packages for
the ride; no more fake/meta tbb package.

> Cheers,
> Daniel

Pax, -A
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