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Re: [tor-talk] A little more hostility towards Tor from Twitter

You find the qualities of Diaspora under Social Networking within the
group FSW (Federated Social Web projects) compared to:

PRISM = Faceboogle = Most web-based social network services including
Facebook, Google+ etc; Jab = XMPP-based open source federation projects
such as BuddyCloud, movim; SVPN = SocialVPN, an XMPP-based tool that
establishes virtual private networks among friends; FSW = Federated
Social Web projects like Diaspora, Friendica and several more; S@T =
isolated server-based installations operated in trustworthy manner using
a Tor hidden service; RS = RetroShare; RS@T = RetroShare over Tor; NW =
Nightweb over I2P. S = stands for Secure Share's current status.



by the way a current alternative to twitter is twister:

> Hi,
> may I cease the occasion to invite everyone to Diaspora* once again?
> It's totally Tor-friendly and basically uncensorable.
> A bunch of servers/pods (because the list https://podupti.me is behind
> CloudFlare (I admit, I am a bit embarassed...)):
> nerdpol.ch
> pod.orkz.net
> flokk.no
> diasporabrazil.org
> pod.sd.vc
> shrekislove.us
> diasp.kr
> podmob.net
> sechat.org
> pod.shouldit.work
> diaspora.punkbeer.me
> blr.club
> pod.geraspora.de
> wk3.org
> disroot.org
> More info: https://diasporafoundation.org/, https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org
> Sincerely,
> Malte

Thank you for encrypting.

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