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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and Google error / CAPTCHAs.

On 2016-10-02 22:33, Alec Muffett wrote:


- person uses tor to connect to socks proxy provider
- person authenticates (?) to socks proxy provider
- person traverses socks proxy prover to connect to end service

This sound like putting a condom on top of another condom after cutting a hole in the first one, but hey, if you think it's worthwhile and fun, knock
yourself out. :-)

The problem is that the SOCKS IP itself may be "bad" (perhaps even as "bad"
as an exit node IP) and hence Gmail, FB, etc, still discriminate (and hence
demand additional proof).

Also that.  Basically you are just shifting (say) Google's knowledge of
what IP address from

    "possibly a Tor user, amongst all the spam that Tor emanates"


"traffic sourced from some shitty open (or authenticated?) random SOCKS
relay, who know what the fuck this is?"

But a point might be: tor exit nodes are public but SOCKS proxies are not. Unless you tell me otherwise, I don't think there are centralized databases of SOCKS proxies.

Now my suspicion is that you will say: not the point. People will be messing around with said SOCKS proxies (the aforementioned scraping for example) and hence it's irrelevant whether there's an accessible record that said IP is a SOCKS proxy. Yes?

Just one more point: one can use http://www.ip-score.com/ to check whether an IP is on any blacklists. I've occasionally found proxies that are 100% clean. Yet still I get asked for a CAPTCHA when using them. This is, I suspect, because http://www.ip-score.com/ focuses on blacklists used for spam (e.g. those checked by mail servers) rather than looking at any kind of web-based "badness" e.g. scraping. Hence an IP that may have a perfect mail spam score (no blacklists) doesn't preclude said IP having a high level of badness for non-mail spam activity.

In short, you're making <COMPANY'S> job of picking out good traffic from
bad, _way_ harder.

But, hey, maybe you're masochistic / sadistic / both?  :-)

You mean Venus in Furs versus the 120 Days of Sodom? :-)


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