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[tor-talk] S. Rambam hope xi 2016 - Slide: "How You Move Your Mouse Could Help Others Track You - Even on Tor"

Hi Torusers,

due to the subject:

"Privacy, Anonymity, and Individuality The Final Battle Begins HQ - HOPE XI 2016"

Some of you might already know that but some might be newcomers and in case you missed HOPEcon. 

As if intels have a problem getting (new) agents:

"disposable agents" in terms of "you use an agent once", you can't use that person again b/o cover burning

A human "agent" can't be nearer than once own device and tracker, and a human brain can't record the same way technic can. And in addition to that speech i recommend "watch the watchers":

"People working for intelligence contractors, the military, and intelligence agencies frequently mention secret codewords and surveillance programs in public resumes. These resumes are useful for uncovering new surveillance programs, learning more about known codewords, identifying which companies help with which surveillance programs, "

1. And in case you know so whose nose runs you just open a water-tap, with the temperature you are convenient with, the colder the better, hold one or both hands beneath, form a bowl, collect the water, stick the nose into it, slowly snuffle the water and stop before you waterboard yourself, hold it for a moment, release it and do it again if you need/wish. What it does? You get water into the nose so your body doesn't have to. You free your nose from foreign matter (e. g. pollen). If it is cold water you sniffle your blood vessels will shrink.
2. Rambam recommends to vote for Trump in the video. If you want to change a system you should not support it, it only last longer. Or if you think you can hit the system by voting you should vote the worst with the least competence and experience. As if you have to do an audit on a software you don't know, you don't even know how to program. This would not hit America as such while you will stay with all companies avoiding taxes, destroying environment (air [coal], water [underwater oil], earth [fracking]) and employing every year less. That is a global effect.

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