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Re: [tor-talk] Quote Line Prefixes in Linux Text Editors

> For security its recommended to compose messages outside the e-mail 
> client.

Composing email outside the client is only possible if you use PGP/inline, 
which is also weak (no clear protection boundary & message tampering).

 And you can’t attach file on this mail format, or you leak file names and sizes 
if you encrypt your attachments outside the client too. No way to send HTML 
mail too (even if it’s very bad :P).

So I don’t know what is the more secured between PGP/inline outside the client 
or PGP/MIME inside… For plain text and very simple email, surely the first, but 
in most cases, undecidable and for common emails (with attachments and 
multipart text/html) certainly the second…

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