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Re: [tor-talk] Quote Line Prefixes in Linux Text Editors

On 10/15/2016 08:31 PM, bancfc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> For security its recommended to compose messages outside the e-mail
> client. There were at least two incidents where plaintext was leaked
> (claws mail saving drafts unencrypted and Enigmail sending unencrypted
> messages).

In Thunderbird+Enigmail, do three things:

1) create a local folder "Drafts", and configure Thunderbird to use it;

2) in "Thunderbird/Account Settings/OpenPGP Security", check "Encrypt
draft messages on saving"; and

3) in "Enigmail Preferences/Sending/Confirm before sending", check "Always".

> Does anyone know how to add quoted line prefixes [1] to messages
> composed in a Linux text editor?
> [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style#Quoted_line_prefix
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