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Re: [tor-talk] Hardened Tor Browser for Windows

On 10/17/16 21:18, Mirimir wrote:
> On 10/17/2016 06:50 PM, I wrote:
>>> Running Tor on Windows makes little sense, 
>> Didn't Roger ask for more operating system diversity and mention Windows?
> Maybe he did. Cite?
> But nevertheless, in my opinion, Windows is too snoopy.

The operating system diversity argument is most often focused on the
issue of relays and the overwhelming Linux monoculture there.

And while I don't touch Windows with any frequency and am not a fan of
so much of the Microsoft approach, I think the notion (not from the
original poster) that Windows users aren't relevant to a healthy Tor
ecosystem is dangerous.

The reality of anonymity is that quantity and accessibility, not just
diversity, are vital. And since the fact is that most desktop users
(discounting smart phones) are Windows users, I hardly think we can
build a large, dispersed universe of anonymity-seeking users with the
Linux desktop as the central vehicle. And Microsoft and its allies
aren't necessarily the most immediate and conscious adversaries to all

Ordinary users who don't use Linux (or other perceived "acceptable" OSs)
are a vital component in the Tor network IMHO. Sure, open source is
vital, but reality is much uglier.

And let's be honest, a good portion of Linux desktop users are running
Ubuntu, which had its own "call back to the mothership" issues
(https://fixubuntu.com, eg).

In terms of workplace hardware, there are plenty of places where outside
devices are not welcomed.. although your smart phone is most likely a
workable alternative.


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