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Re: [tor-talk] About Hardened Tor Browser roadmap

> Just two questions: where is the roadmap for Hardened Tor Browser? where
> can we expect the first stable version or even become the default
> version of Tor Browser?

There is currently no roadmap for Tor Browser hardened. Regarding the
transition to the stable series: we don't plan to have a stable series
with all the hardened features some day. Yes, some of those features
will hopefully be available there as well (selfrando comes to mind) but
the hardened series is mainly aimed at developers wanting to stress-test
Tor Browser in order to shake out more bugs. Fixes for those bugs should
then get backported to the stable and alpha series.

That said we are still entertaining the idea to get the hardened
features merged into our alpha series. That is currently blocked (at
least) by https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/17400.


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