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Re: [tor-talk] Hardened Tor Browser for Windows

Tamara West:
> Excuse my ignorance but what exactly must happen for us to get a 64-bit
> hardened Tor Browser for Windows? Not everyone in the world is running
> Linux and not everyone can run Linux at work. I've been wondering about
> this for awhile. Any info would be appreciated. TIA.

First of all there must be a 64bit Tor Browser build for Windows. We are
planning to work on that one and if all goes well Tor Browser 7.0
(scheduled for Q2 2017) will have 64bit versions for Windows, too.

Additionally, the hardened features currently being available for Linux
like ASan and selfrando need to be available for Windows as well which
is currently not the case (at least not in a Firefox/Browser context).


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