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Re: [tor-talk] problems faced with tor browser

Jayant Ogale wrote:
i am using tor browser with linux mint 17 o.s.
i face following problems while using tor.
1] when i try to go to google.co.uk an error message occurs with error no. 403.
2] when i try to do internet banking, the bank sites does not allow access.
is there any solution for this?

The short answer is no, there is not an easy, reliable technical solution.

These are decisions made by Google and your bank and (unfortunately)
many other like-minded websites.  When faced with websites that didn't
want to allow access via Tor I have had *limited* success routing
through a web proxy such as hidemyass.com (the proxy sees a Tor exit
node and the destination website sees HideMyAss).

You might want to give serious thought to whether you *really* want to
access your bank anonymously. In addition to an increased risk of a MITM attack already mentioned, some people (on this list but I don't have a citation handy) have reported having banks lock accounts in response to attempting to access them anonymously. Of course, the final decision is up to you.

Good luck!


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