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[tor-talk] problem reinstalling NoScript

In TBB 6.0.5 (Win), NoScript it seemed to be misbehaving.
It wasn't showing many trackers in the icon drop list, on sites where there would be plenty.
I UNchecked "Allow Scripts Globally."

I uninstalled it - closed TBB. Removed NoScript entries in pref.js & restarted TBB, then reinstalled fresh NS copy - 2 separate times. Didn't fix it. TBB has an "extensions-overrides.js" file in Partition (X):\Program Files\Tor Browser 4.5.3\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Browser\profile.default\preferences, that replaces some of NS default settings. It also removes default whitelisted sites that Giorgio added (lots of google sites & others - google.com, gstatic.com, etc.).

Removing the whitelisted sites via extensions-overrides.js shouldn't cause them not to show in the NS icon drop list Besides, it wasn't only the removed NS whitelist trackers not displaying.

In TBB, NS hardly showed any trackers (Allow Scripts Globally still unchecked). But did show them under the Untrusted grouping, but none were marked untrusted (that's normal).
On the same pages in Firefox there were many trackers.
I compared TBB's reinstalled NS settings to Firefox - appear almost the same. I doubt the 2 differences I found caused the problem?

I got NS in TBB to display all trackers - no real clue. In TBB, under Advanced>Trusted, the "Cascade Top Document's permissions to 3rd party scripts" was checked... but *none* of the pages I loaded had *base domain* scripts allowed - I checked (so that shouldn't have caused the problem). I unchecked the "Cascade..." option, anyway. Maybe there's a bug w/ those 2 settings in NS?

The only other NoScript diff in Fx & TBB was Appearance tab > "Allow" was checked in one & not the other. I made them the same. I can't see that causing this issue either.
Tried some new sites & both browsers show the same trackers - for now.

Anyone seen a similar NoScript problem or any clues what caused trackers not to show up, based on what I found?

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