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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and Google error / CAPTCHAs.

On 3 October 2016 at 23:15, <bancfc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The logic of blocking everything completely *all the time* (like Google
> does) is already a big problem

Here's a picture of me loading Google over Tor:


That much works. A narcissistic self-search subsequently crashed, very


And doing "New Identity" led to a CAPTCHA; but the subsequent "New
Identity" worked just fine.

Analysis: I agree, Google have some work to do. :-)

with the IPv4 address space becoming over saturated. Its not a Tor only
> thing. Sometimes an entire country is behind a single NAT access point.

My memory is that that was no longer the case any more, at least for any
sizeable country.  Certainly it _used_ to be true.  Have you a recent
citation, please?

> Researching ways that don't infringe on user's privacy but lets traffic
> through is very hard and costly - I'm sure you agree.

Yes. Indeed, the two may be in opposition.

> When discussing alternatives to persistent CAPTCHAs the Cloudflare
> reaction was to tell Tor "you do it" since they don't really have an
> incentive to fund this. (Yes I already your post about the different
> traffic white-listing requirements of for different business models). What
> is can be done with logic like this?

Get people to change the logic by which they are assessing the situation?

It's a bit of a Kobayashi Maru cheat, but it's what needs to happen in a
no-win scenario.


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