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[tor-talk] Senior US District Judge Leon Jordan rules against FBI in PlayPen case

Hi Torusers,

ITechGeek wrote:
>They haven't released any reports of how they found the server as far as I know.

Motherboard's writer Joseph Cox had a "good guess":

"“Basically, Playpen must have set their [child pornography] site to [a] default [web server setting], meaning if you typed in the IP address you could see the Playpen site,” Thomas White, a UK-based activist and technologist, explained in an encrypted chat. “Whereas if they set another default like ‘server not found,’ then you could only access Playpen by typing the correct .onion address.” This means that law enforcement could verify that an IP address belonged to a specific site.

“An FBI Agent, acting in an undercover capacity, accessed IP address on the regular Internet and resolved to TARGET WEBSITE,” the document continues. That address pointed to a server in North Carolina, hosted by a company called CentriLogic.

The FBI was tipped off about Playpen’s IP address by a foreign law enforcement agency, as noted in other, redacted versions of the warrant. This recently unsealed version includes detail on how that IP address was left exposed."

As i quoted here they are scanning for mistakes, however, almost everybody does, today:

"Server status pages are generated by the Apache web server’s mod_status module to help people understand how their sites are performing. Leaks occur when the pages are inadvertently made available to the rest of us.""

You can't have a quality management without data collection in first place for optimization. As if humans are in urgend need for being better.

I wonder why there is no report that CMU got "hacked" (bribed or payed at lest) to get the subpoenaed knowledge to deanonymize Tor users. I mean Tor is deved and used by mil and then by persons with mostly clearances. Did Hillary's server got identified after or before Playpen?

Was it a mere media outburst to tell everyone, certain persons like: The FBI can deanonymize Tor users with chporn now, too? Or more like: "We" know you if you use Tor. 

And why do you need Tor for onion sites anyway (Tor2web):

"How to access .onion sites without using Tor Browser "

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