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Re: [tor-talk] ..... but i can dream

Now you can ask, what is a trusted service?

A service with the privacy and the transparency as mainstream

A trusted service must be:

- Implemented with open code
- Managed by a group of users with good reputation, that group can't be
- Periodically auditable by the comunity in all his deep (even accessing to
the machines running the service by independent groups of auditors selected
by the comunity)
- Gpg signed

2016-10-29 2:41 GMT+02:00 arrase <arrase@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Tor is great but can be better.
> Tor needs services to push the standards and grow as a community.
> The Tor network must be builded from their users.
> The anonymity of the network is a chance to open the web of trust to a new
> level where you trust in someone only by their acts no matter the color of
> his skin or the way he lives his life.
> The concept of hidden services verification is an starting point:
> https://github.com/arrase/TOR-Hidden-Service-Verification
> This concept opens a chance , a chance to build a trusted Tor-Only network
> of services like a free DNS service for add more friendly domains to the
> network and simple round robin load balance for sites with multiple trusted
> replicas, a trusted tor-only irc network , ......
> All of this must be build by us, the Tor users.
> A lot of us are IT professionals, programers, hackers, geeks, .... we can
> do that in the right way to be something great but we need to collaborate.
> We can make someting like a foundation, managed by the users who like to
> be involved in the build of the social and technological infraestructure
> needed to do something like that.
> Is our oportunity to build a realy free network for all.
> What do you think?
> a) ... this is kid is on drugs.
> b) ... fucked hippy.
> c) ... is not possible
> d) ... could be good if you can do it
> e) ... well, why not? i can help
> f) .... fuck yeah! let's do it
> g) <write your own>
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