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[tor-talk] ..... but i can dream

Tor is great but can be better.

Tor needs services to push the standards and grow as a community.

The Tor network must be builded from their users.

The anonymity of the network is a chance to open the web of trust to a new
level where you trust in someone only by their acts no matter the color of
his skin or the way he lives his life.

The concept of hidden services verification is an starting point:


This concept opens a chance , a chance to build a trusted Tor-Only network
of services like a free DNS service for add more friendly domains to the
network and simple round robin load balance for sites with multiple trusted
replicas, a trusted tor-only irc network , ......

All of this must be build by us, the Tor users.

A lot of us are IT professionals, programers, hackers, geeks, .... we can
do that in the right way to be something great but we need to collaborate.

We can make someting like a foundation, managed by the users who like to be
involved in the build of the social and technological infraestructure
needed to do something like that.

Is our oportunity to build a realy free network for all.

What do you think?

a) ... this is kid is on drugs.
b) ... fucked hippy.
c) ... is not possible
d) ... could be good if you can do it
e) ... well, why not? i can help
f) .... fuck yeah! let's do it
g) <write your own>
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