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Re: [tor-talk] Need a stable .onion address hosted by the Tor project.

> > That's a good question. I want to know if the Tor network handles
> > all TCP and DNS traffic. Only the Tor network can resolve an .onion
> > address, and only the Tor network can reach an .onion address. So,
> > if both resolve and requesting work, I am quite confident that Tor
> > handles all TCP traffic.
> Keep in mind the false positives caused by crappy networks that just
> resolve _all_ domains and then serve ads, a captive portal, etc. on
> whatever IP address. Checking the https://check.torproject.org/api/ip
> response body seems like it would be safer.

A normal DNS server will not be able to resolve an onion address

My program uses the transparent proxy provided by the Tor daemon which
resolves an onion address to an address in a non routable address

If the DNS server returns an address outside the VirtualAddrNetworkIPv4
range, I know that something is wrong...


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