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Re: [tor-talk] Ongoing client problem

On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 06:48:00PM +0000, George wrote:
> The route to determining the issue probably comes down to this error:
> Oct 29 12:50:06.000 [info] onion_skin_ntor_client_handshake(): Invalid
> result from curve25519 handshake: 4

Right. That message comes when you tried to do a circuit-level handshake
with a relay, but you were using the wrong onion key for it.

> ... but let me take a poke and ask if your time is synchronized?

A fine question. My first guess is that somehow your Tor client is trying
to build circuits using obsolete directory information.

Another more distant option is that you (or your platform) have hacked
together your own curve25519 implementation and it's not working right
for you.


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