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[tor-talk] torstatus.blutmagie.de

Hello folks,

I'm planning to shut down my Tor network status site within the next weeks. The payed SSL certificate will expire 11/06/18 and the Debian 6 OS is too old to switch to Let’s Encrypt without trouble.

torstatus.blutmagie.de started in 2007. In February 2015 the site moved from Guetersloh/Germany to Moscow/Russia. It is heavily used by all kind of corporations, citizens, and government agencies especially from Eastern Europe, the Far and Middle East, and South America.

awstats September 2018
Unique visitors: 41507
Number of visits: 512265
Pages: 6286362
Hits: 7722213
Bandwidth: 1512.42 GB

cheers Olaf
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