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Re: [tor-talk] 3rd Party Interact (re: BSD ISP VoIP PBX RadPony ...)

After an email exchange with Iain, I will admit that I did approach this somewhat wrong given the nature of this mailing list. What I should of done is discuss the architecture of the solution and provided an opportunity for input and the feasibility of the solution prior to seeking users to try it out. I will do that in separate correspondence. For failing to discuss the architecture first with the group, I apologize, I just wanted to keep the note short because I didn’t want to sound like I was advertising.

To note - I am not providing this service as a commercial service. I am providing this as a free service to benefit the Tor community. It has been a goal of mine to provide VoIP/XMPP/SMS services to the Tor community for some time now, and I intend to provide them as a community service. The only things that will be charged for is if a user wants direct dial access to the outside world (because I have to pay a telecom company) or if a user wants voicemail capability. I think that’s fair to charge for those two items.

In reference to my government ties, I served in the US Navy. I was a communications specialist. I was medically retired. My present connection to the government is I receive retirement pay and I am subject to the UCMJ because I receive said retirement pay… therefore I would say my present connection is I only care if my pay comes in on the 1st, otherwise, don’t care. I became interested in Tor because I actually had an opportunity to use Tor while on Active Duty while in the course of my duties. I worked in communications, I cared about computers and radios and didn’t really care about intelligence. I don’t care about your data but I care about protecting it. The fact that I served in the Navy shouldn’t be concerning as lots of people have served in the military. I would say that the military experience truly opened my eyes to what the Constitution really says about Free Speech and the protection thereof.

I sincerely appreciate your email and I hope people actually give me a chance and work with me on this project instead of attacking me because I also run a commercial enterprise. All I am trying to do is help the Tor community. GreyPony hosts 18 Tor Relays, we are in the process of obtaining our own ASN and IPv4 and IPv6 net blocks from ARIN since we are now multi homed, and we’ve transitioned our cloud environment to a high availability environment all just to better support the Tor community. I don’t make a profit at all, but I continue to do this because all I want to do is help increase Tor network diversity and capacity.



> On Oct 18, 2018, at 12:38 PM, grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Regardless of whether some components may or may not be
> fee, or subscription, or strings / rules attached, now or in the future...
> (that status or intentions should be made clear by any poster
> in this space so that things don't end up undeclared / unexpected
> thus trending against them later on)...
> These entities and persons are engaging in interoperation,
> testing, concept validation, and providing services to Tor
> community in a fairly open mutual feedback model. In this
> example so far, Tor users get chances to plug and play
> and hack on...
> a) Diverse FreeBSD hosting of Tor nodes
> b) IP Telephony apps, comms, and free speech over Tor
> It's hard to deny those as being valuable and fun.
> Nor did you see Cloudflare's CEO or hardly any other ISP
> coming straight from the start to Tor to talk / play / help.
> (Though to be fair this one has [ex] govt ties too
> which some may or not prefer.)
> It's not much different than interacting Zwiebel, Emerald,
> Torstatus, funders, etc.
> In the end, you get to choose what services to use,
> what interop to hack on, what milters to deploy, what
> to put in Bad/Good ISP List wiki, etc.
> So, ease up a bit on who can and can't interact with Tor.
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