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Re: [tor-talk] 3rd Party Interact (re: BSD ISP VoIP PBX RadPony ...)

As before, yes giving chance, and even hope for find good
middle ground for value add profit in whatever areas, is a fair thing.
Fate is what any provider and community will make together.
And advertising ISP services in comradeship, robust against
shutdown, is not necessarily bad, provided genuine.

Also, it's important the tor using community build inter
ties using end to end encrypted voice / video for there
is much change in the world to do for good.
Lots of services / apps can provide that re / over tor.
Though keep in mind perhaps things like Jabber servers
and other network protocols may already have parts of
that covered, including with Onioncat as needed for more
than TCP raw IP protocols.

And tor is not the only viable network out there that
people consider supporting based on capabilities
and results, etc.

And any bad actor to any network will be excoriated, expelled,
and drawn on rack. Is that not the free market and opinion
in effect.

Have fun.
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