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[tor-talk] Tor VoIP PBX Architecture Discussion

Hello All,

So prior to opening up the service for beta, Iain suggested that we have a
discussion regarding my proposed service and my planned architecture to see
if there’s any room for improvements in the design or any vulnerabilities
that can take away someone’s anonymity.

So the design is pretty simple, I have an Asterisk box, and in front of
that Asterisk box I have a FreeBSD box that is running Tor, SSHD, and
OpenVPN. SSHD and OpenVPN are exposed as hidden services via Tor. The Tor
user connects to Asterisk via a passwordless OpenVPN or SSH tunnel to route
UDP traffic to Asterisk.

Asterisk is connected to Internet to allow interconnection with VoIP
providers, termination with with users that don’t care about anonymity, as
well as interconnection with other XMPP servers.

SMS is enabled, it requires an email address. If you don’t have a reliable
Tor accessible email address, we’re working on a solution.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Conrad Rockenhaus
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