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[tor-talk] Does Facebook .onion work?

Facebook https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ has existed since 2014.
However, I am unconvinced that it works.

I go to the URL, register, get a confirmation email, click it, then have
to enter my phone and receive a code. Fair enough.

When I login I get:

Upload a Photo of Yourself
To get back on Facebook, upload a photo that clearly shows your face. Make
sure the photo is well-lit and isn't blurry. Don't include other people in
the shot.
We use this photo to help us check that this account belongs to you. We'll
delete the photo once we've done this, and it will never appear on your

This is a new account - I've just created it.

I upload a random photo and apparently this will be manually checked to
ensure it's me. I've no idea how they will do that since it's a new
account. Until then, I can't use the account.

Has anyone successfully created an account using the .onion address?

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