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Re: [tor-talk] Tor VoIP PBX Architecture Discussion

> architecture to Tor <—> OnionCat <—> Asterisk
> test ... one second round trip latency ... PSTN to a soft phone connected via Tor (via OpenVPN).
> Hopefully performance improvement will be noticed with OnionCat.

OnionCat can provide access to using UDP and IPv6
over Tor without the extra openssh openvpn layers.

Onion to onion sets an average range of RTT due
to hopcount and speed of light. Software layers
add on top of that.

Those widely deploying onioncat / onionvpn should be
aware of some caveats and good future oppurtunities...

- Users have to compile and run them, they may not
be as available platform wide as openvpn / ssh.
That's minor since joint effort with those projects can be started
to port, document, and publish them [and their binaries again], etc.

- They're IPv6 only, that's minor, expected and ok since everyone
has local IPv6 stacks and apps now and IPv6 is the way forward.
[The encapsulated IPv4 mode is a hack, use IPv6 instead.]

- Doesn't yet work with v3 onion services automagically.
Tor may require an address resolution / translation layer
to do that, which would probably also end up handling
hostnames naming layer as a bonus.
This is a big oppurtunity for anyone who wants to design it :)

- Tor is thinking to kill off v2 onion services despite all the
uses and users of IPv6 and UDP via onioncat / onionvpn.
There is a trac ticket somewhere to continue v2 onion
services in perpetuity, with various levels of support, up
to and including fork of tor client and or network.
Continuation is a fine middle ground.

A few of the related tickets...

There are some communities using bittorrent, voice comms,
and other applications for many years, entirely within onionland,
via onioncat, onionvpn, udp, ipv6. So the tech works pretty good :)

See also...
search: the lists for "onioncat", there are detailed posts that
 could be collated for reference by those working on things.
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