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Re: [tor-talk] Tor VoIP PBX Architecture Discussion


On 23/10/18 13:18, Conrad Rockenhaus wrote:
> If it were to be offered as a non-hidden service, what about the UDP portion of the VoIP services, or do we just force everything to be TCP?

You still have 3-hops to the rendezvous point that are going through Tor
so it all still has to be TCP. You get to save though by not having
3-hops from the server side, and you cut down then to a 3/4-hop circuit
instead of 6. While OnionCat lets you pass UDP packets, they are still
encapsulated in TCP when they go over Tor and so are subject to
head-of-line blocking. You're also implementing some form of congestion
control on top of TCP's and Tor's congestion/flow control which can lead
to interesting effects for timer interaction (although for the RTP
streams you don't have retransmissions, just for the signalling).


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