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Re: [tor-talk] One Less Site Blocking Tor (Browser)

On 10/6/20 2:21 PM, Gaba wrote:
> On 10/6/20 10:10 AM, Drew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Not too long ago I used Tor Browser to visit a website and found I was rejected completely. Not even a captcha. Clicking new circuit many times didn’t help either. 
>> At least their site wasn’t just a stiff arm giving me the finger. It actually had a note saying if I thought it was blocked in error to contact them. Of course it had a tracking number and time stamp.
>> So I sent them a screen shot of my browser window and this short note: 
>>> Your website blocks me from using it. Most likely your website is blocking EVERYONE who uses the Tor Browser. This is not good for business. It keeps me from getting the info I want. 
>>> Respectfully, [my name]
>>> [State in USA]
>> A day or two later I heard back. It was gracious enough but supposedly the blocking was to protect customers (ahem, me) and themselves “from possible illicit activity.” 
>> After a few days on the back burner, I wrote them back and asked: what was illicit or illegal with me trying to learn their business hours. And I provided a bunch of v2 & v3.onion addresses to some popular and well known organizations to show there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Tor. 
>> But since I considered it a possibility they don’t run their own website, and that possibly those who do may be pocketing a slice of the cost for blocking people like me, I also printed out my reply and took it to the store. Then I would have a bit more confidence someone at the actual business would know what happened. 
>> On my next trip to the store I talked with the person at the customer service area, gave them my printout, and tried to explain how great Tor is. It was a good conversation and since the guy was interested in computers we hit it off, and he learned a few things. 
>> It wasn’t until a month or two later I used Tor Browser to look at their website. I was very pleased they’d stopped blocking Tor exit nodes. And I’m pleased to report they still don’t block Tor. 
> Great story! thanks for sharing it here.

Besides being a great story, it does push some of us who just accept
things the way they are.

More often than not with smaller www sites, I'd assume it's a
click-click-click configuration in some www admin interface that blocks
Tor user access by default.

Do we have any templated message to send to sites that block Tor IPs?  A
quick internet search says we don't.

Is that something you'd want to hack away at Drew? You're already
batting 1.000 on this from my box scores...

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