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[tor-talk] TBB-10 cursors, pointers location

This is in Linux Mint 18.1 - Cinnamon.
I know all cursor themes installed in my Mint installation.

After a fairly recent Tor Browser update - a few months?? ago, the
"default" mouse pointer TBB used and the weird "select live links"
pointer & others all changed to icons I've never seen. For years, it
used to use the Settings/ selected cursor theme -  same as all other apps.

Now, TBB is the ONLY app that doesn't use the selected cursor theme.

The normal pointer / arrow TBB is using, called "left-ptr" in most
cursor themes (e.g., normal arrow pointing up, to the left) is very tiny
& solid black.

On a dark BG, it's like the Halloween costume Mainway Enterprises sold,
"Johnny, Invisible Pedestrian"  (large black plastic bag).  I don't know
any installed themes with normal pointer arrows that small, much less
solid black.

I've searched all of TBB's folders, including extracted omni.ja, using a
search utility that normally finds anything, anywhere - if it exists. I
can't find cursor themes in TBB's package.  Even if TBB has its own
cursor theme, don't know why they're suddenly so small.

I installed a fresh TBB copy in a new directory under /home, but it does
the same thing.

Any ideas?

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