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Re: [tor-talk] TBB-10 cursors, pointers location

On 10/6/20 6:09 PM, Matthew Finkel wrote:

Do you have Firefox installed and does it use a different cursor theme?
Tor Browser does not (intentionally) bundle a special/specific cursor
theme, Tor Browser should use whichever theme that Firefox uses, unless
there's a good reason we should use a different one.
Yes, Firefox (Mozilla's vers.) is installed & uses all custom cursor
themes I installed.

Edit: I jacked around with the default cursor theme, specified "default"
under */usr/share/icons/default*, where DMZ-Black has a "cursor.theme"
file.  For now, TBB uses the few cursor theme sets that shipped with
Mint. Either mostly white or black.

Seems TBB won't use any custom cursor themes even if they have the same
2 lines, same syntax, inside "cursor.theme" file as the stock cursor
themes.  That's probably a slight bug in TBB, as all apps *except TBB*
will use the 2 custom cursor themes I installed.

If Fx (Mozilla reg. version) uses the custom cursor themes, TBB / Fx esr
should be able to, unless TBB devs blocked it from doing so.

Unless I can figure out why TBB only uses cursor themes that shipped w/
Mint, I'll have to modify a few icons in the stock cursor themes &
replace them (change color; make some a bit thicker).  Now, some cursor
icons are barely visible on some pages or documents (like playing,
Where's Waldo?).  Which is why I installed the extra themes in the 1st

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