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Re: [tor-talk] How to test that Alt-Svc is working for my Onion service?

Hi Francois!

I have done this, too.  It was not easy.  I set up an Alt-Svc for my
Wordpress on Apache2. The project turned out to have several prerequisites
before it would work.

- firstly I had to rework my CGI mechanism to permit use of HTTP2, because
Alt-Svc would not work for HTTP/1.x under Apache (even though nothing would
actually prevent it). I did make several experiments with HTTP/1.x for
AltSvc, but the code to support it simply did not (does not?) exist.

- secondly: you are correct, there is little or no diagnostic on the client
side, to show that the Alt-Svc is being used.  In the end, I used the hack
that I described on Github[1] so that I could run a Tor daemon locally, and
so requests from that daemon would apparently arrive from a well-known IP
address (eg: - and then I grepped my logs for that IP
address, to confirm that the AltSvc was being used.  It was not used
consistently, there are (or: were?) issues where Firefox or TorBrowser
would sometimes decide not to use an Alt-Svc even if one was offered,
mostly due to connection latency.

Hope this helps.

  - alec

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