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[tor-talk] How to test that Alt-Svc is working for my Onion service?


I just set up an Onion service for my homepage:


I added an Onion-Location header on https://fmarier.org which points to the
above, but I also wanted to add an Alt-Svc header pointing to the HTTPS
version of it:


so that TBB could opportunistically upgrade the connection.

However, I can't figure out how to test that the Alt-Svc header is working.
The Firefox devtools don't seem to show anything different and neither does
the the TBB circuit display

Testing https://perfectoid.space/test.php, it seems that support for
Alt-Svc is a little flaky.

Is there a good way to test it? Or is it deprecated and should I just
have the Onion-Location header and forget about Alt-Svc?


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