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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser for advanced users on Android

On 10/11/20 9:47 AM, Jonathan Marquardt wrote:
> For example, 
> Orbot is already quite battery-hungry as it is, but running two Orbot 
> instances all the time for browsing while torifying some other things really 
> ain't that great on a smartphone.

This is definitely something we've been talking about awhile, between
the Guardian Project and Tor Browser team.

The good news is that with recent improvements of Tor "idle" features,
there should be very little battery consumption when tor is not in use.
No longer is the daemon constantly creating new circuits if you aren't
asking for them, for instance.

Similarly, with Tor Browser, you really only need the Tor service
instance running when the browser itself is in the foreground. Work is
underway and continues so that tor can bootstrap more quickly, so that
the user doesn't perceive any delay if tor has been shutdown when you
leave the browser.

Lastly, Hans from the Guardian Project team, continues to work on a more
invisible "Tor Service" daemon, that could be installed much like
"Google Play Services", and used by any app or service in a safe, shared
way. We have more work to do here on security risks and threats for
sure, but it is a promising direction.



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