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An idea on proxy monitors and TLD entries

An idea how to support country specific exit nodes and how to prevent
open proxy monitors.                                                     

The information in the router list is changed from
        router (Name) (IP address) (Ports)
        router (Name) (Onion address) (Ports) (TLD)

This is to prevent easy blocking of known Tor routers.
It is of course still possible to block routers, since the target 
sees the IP adress of the last router.
The last entry is the top level domain of the country or region 
(not .edu, .gov, .org or similar) where the router is located.            

The reason to include the TLD is that it gives the user the option 
of selecting exit and entry nodes based on the physical location and 
also the possibility of choosing an region or country which should never
be used to route traffic through. Since the user trusts the routers 
to tunnel traffic, it's reasonable to trust the administrator to enter the
correct TLD.

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