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Re: Open Proxy Monitors

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 04:53:09PM -0400, Geoffrey Lewis Goodell wrote:
> The risk I worry about is that IRC operators will develop technology to
> create a list of onion routers and publish the list.  

Well, that isn't to hard as shown in a previous post.

> Internet service
> providers will use this list to shut down operators of Tor nodes
> systematically, despite the fact that nobody seems to care about what
> ordb says about open mail relays, because they will be pressured by
> governments and intellectual property rights owners, since anonymity
> threatens their interests.

This is a problem created by politicians and there's not much one can do
about it.  If the goverment decides to crack down on  hosts serving Tor,
Mixmaster or whatever, the ISPs will most likely do so. The only defense
against this is to setup as many ORs in as many different countries as

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