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Re: Open Proxy Monitors & torrc

It didn't take too long to figure it out. This worked well for me.
 wget http://x.x.0.188:x31/ -O - | grep '^router ' 
 wget http://x.x.0.188:x31/ -O - | grep '^router ' | grep -v ' 0$'

I had to get it to test out the exitnodes.
There has to be a way for users to get a list of ORs, or else
how are they going to know which ones to use for putting into the
config file eg exitnodes?
If it doesn't already, the tor toolset will probably end up having 
to provide this list to the users. How else would users get this
list to modify the config file with? I believe this is the list
that Geoff is referring to.

While on the subject of exitnodes, if a user specifies a small
list of exitnodes, and if the ORs are by design systems that come
and go, given a little bit of time, it is possible that the torrc config
files get out of date cuz they try to use ORs that no longer exist, and don't
list newer ORs of a given criteria. This would be a forever battle
of updating a config file, and possible that some unmaintained server
out there stops working, which sounds wrong to me. It would be very
convenient to have give it some criteria instead of specific ORs, 
eg "exitnodes *.com, *.edu, *.ru, *.us" or something like that. Would make
life easier for the overworked IT guy.


On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 04:53:09PM -0400, Geoffrey Lewis Goodell wrote:
> The risk I worry about is that IRC operators will develop technology to
> create a list of onion routers and publish the list.  Internet service
> providers will use this list to shut down operators of Tor nodes
> systematically, despite the fact that nobody seems to care about what
> ordb says about open mail relays, because they will be pressured by
> governments and intellectual property rights owners, since anonymity
> threatens their interests.
> Geoff