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Re: Wikipedia & Tor

everyone is so worried about it, but has any one ever been successfully been able to use tor to effectively spam anyone?

On 9/27/05, Arrakis Tor <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here is a further text with Jimmy

> If  we start to use code to monitor what websites people are visiting,
> in  order to block them or whatnot, this might be a violation on Tor's
> principle.

Is spam a principle of Tor?  Is damage to volunteer efforts a principle
of Tor?

> I do not think trusted or newbie Tor clients will ever be implemented,
> as  it is important that we do not know who is using our servers so we
> cannot disclose it to those who would abuse the information.

end user -> tor cloud -> authentication server -> trusted user tor cloud
-> wikipedia

end user -> tor cloud -> authentication server -> untrusted user tor
cloud -> no wikipedia


> I'll  definitely speak with the developers and see what we can come up
> with.  There  may  be a type of security protocol that I am unaware of
> that  might  work.  I'm  certainly  not  interested  in helping people
> vandalize.  My  specific  hope  is I'm helping a Chinese dissident who
> would otherwise be arrested for saying or observing ideas online.

Mine too.  But the current design of Tor makes this impossible -- people
will block Tor because it is abusive.  So your Chinese dissident will
not be able to use Tor to edit Wikipedia, because the Chinese spammer
has ruined it.